A Simple Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Haven't you suffered from sleep apnea long enough?

Somnoplasty deviceSubmucosal Delivery of RF Energy

The Somnoplasty® procedure takes place in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. The physician inserts the SP 1200 electrode (Pictured Right) into the base of the tongue. The Somnus radio frequency control unit delivers RF energy beneath the surface tissue while monitoring temperature.

Creation of Coagulative Lesion

Tissue is heated in a limited area around the electrode, creating a coagulative lesion beneath the surface. Discomfort is minimal during the procedure and the surface tissue is protected from thermal damage. Over the course of one or more procedures, a number of lesions are created in the base of tongue.

Tissue Volume Reduction

The lesions are naturally reabsorbed over a period of three to eight weeks, leading to reduction in tissue volume in the tongue and resolution of the obstruction. Somnoplasty® offers an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea patients.

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