What is A GAHM Procedure?

Genioglossus Advancement, Hyoid Myotomy surgery for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Genioglossus Advancement: There are two ways to perform the Genioglossus Advancement (GA) half of a GAHM procedure. Musculoskeletal GA involves cutting the chin bone and advancing the chin forward. This procedure results in forward advancement of the tongue, thereby reducing the chance of base of tongue collapse.

A more recent, less invasive technique is the Repose Genioglossus Advancement procedure. Instead of mechanical advancement of the base of tongue, inherent in the musculoskeletal GA approach, the Repose GA procedure hammocks the base of tongue, preventing backwards prolapse of the tongue when the patient is supine and asleep.

Hyoid Myotomy: There are two methods for performing Hyoid Myotomy and Suspension. The first is to suspend the hyoid bone down to the thyroid cartilage. Recent data indicates that this method may not achieve a clinically significant result.

The second approach is incorporated in the Repose Hyoid Myotomy and Suspension procedure, wherein the hyoid and associated musculature are advanced toward the mandible, thereby opening the lower obstructed airway while simultaneously advancing the base of tongue.

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