Types of Hearing Aids

The smallest, least visible model is the Completely-in-the-Canal. It fits deep inside your ear, where it's hidden in the shadow of your ear canal.

Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aid

The In-the-Canal hearing aid is small enough to fit almost entirely in your ear canal, occupying about one quarter of the ear to reduce its visibility significantly.

In-the-Canal hearing aid

The In-the-Ear model is a one-piece aid custom designed to fit inconspicuously within the outer portion of your ear. It is the most widely recommended hearing aid style.

In-the-Ear hearing aid

The Behind-the-Ear model fits snugly behind your ear, and is attached to a custom earpiece molded to the shape of your outer ear. It is designed for a wide range of hearing loss.

Behind-the-Ear hearing aid

Open Fit and Receiver In the Canal Behind the Ear Style are similar to the conventional BTE but are much smaller, making them more discreet. A very small tube leads to the ear canal making this option much more cosmetically appealing while offering superior sound quality.

Open Fit and Receiver In the Canal Behind the Ear Style hearing aid