Haven't you suffered from a stuffy nose long enough?

Somnoplasty<sup>®</sup> explanation diagram. Somnoplasty® is a fast, effective way to relieve chronic nasal obstruction due to enlarged inferior turbinates without the pain and inconvenience associated with traditional techniques.

Unlike standard electrosurgical approaches, the Somnoplasty® System continuously monitors temperature, power, and impedance to provide the physician with complete control over the procedure. The Somnoplasty® Procedure is performed in our office under local anesthesia.

Turb DeviceDue to the partially insulated electrode and the controlled temperature used in treatment, the delicate mucosa is preserved and patients experience minimal, if any, crusting and bleeding. The procedure itself typically takes less than two minutes per turbinate. No nasal packing is required and most patients do not require any kind of postoperative analgesic.

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